Friday, April 09, 2021

Unraveling the Mystery of California Proposition 19 by Go Ahead, ASK Podcast

California Property Taxes Get More Complicated 

Property taxes get more and more complicated, especially in the state of California.  California Proposition 19 was passed by voters in November 2020.  Proposition 19 has significant negative effects on the transfer of real estate – both primary residences and rental or investment property – to children and grandchildren.  

Unraveling the Mystery of California Proposition 19

The Exeter Group Unravels the Mystery of California Proposition 19 on Go Ahead, ASK! Podcast.  The discussion includes how California Proposition 19 impacts current California property tax laws, including the Parent to Child (Prop 58), Grandparent to Grandchild (Prop 193) and Senior Exclusion from Reassessment (Prop 60 and Prop 90).  

Join expert guests Tony Krvaric, President and CEO, Krvaric Capital, and Jordan Marks, Esq., Taxpayer Advocate, San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk for an in-depth discussion of California Proposition 19. Email your questions to and we’ll address them in our next episode.

California Proposition 19

Next Episode of Go Ahead, ASK! Podcast 

Join us on the next episode of Go Ahead, ASK Podcast as we unravel the mystery of investing in notes inside Self-Directed IRAs and Individual 401(k) Plans (Solo Ks).  You can email your note or paper investing questions to or call (619) 239-3091 and we'll cover them on the Podcast.  

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