Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Pasadena Economic Symposium for Wealthy Investors

Experience an incredible eight hours in Pasadena, California exploring the latest in investment opportunities, insights into what may be the future of the financial markets and our country, strategies to potentially reduce taxes and increase cash flow, and much, much more. Over fourteen (14) speakers will cover topics such as... Click Here to Learn More

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Money Minded Learning for Teenagers!

Finally, a financial program for teenagers!  This is truly a program whose time has come.  I've seen way too many young adults, as well as mature adults, who really have absolutely no clue when it comes to managing their own finances.  Here is a program that is truly targeted toward teenagers to help them learn how to manage their own money. 

Monday, April 04, 2011

Tax Benefits With GO Zone Investment Real Estate

Real estate investors often defer payment of their capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes through a 1031 Exchange. The more difficult decision is what, where and how to buy replacement properties during these challenging times. You might want to consider taking advantage of available tax incentives by investing in the GO Zone.

Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005 ("GO Zone")

The passage of the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005, and the subsequent extension passed in 2010, provides investors with significant tax benefits, including bonus depreciation, for real estate acquired within the GO Zone designated areas.

"Learn About Bonus Depreciation by Investing in GO Zone Properties"

  • Learn how you can receive bonus depreciation, rehabilitation credit and demolition deductions by investing in real estate located within the GO Zone.
  • Understand the how and why of the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act of 2005.
  • Learn how you can 1031 Exchange into GO Zone investment properties.
  • Hear how the Hanover Companies can help you invest throughout the GO Zone territory with their GO Zone Real Estate Opportunities.
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